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Security Guard in Uniform


We are PSARA Complaint. Recognized by Government of Karnataka to provide private security services through-out  Karanataka state.

Our security Person watches over your assets and protects them from threats of violence, assault attempts and other risks. They guard over a specified area for the entirety of their shift, or they may try to improve Your security by patrolling your property and monitoring these for potential criminal activities. Our security person will provide security for events and during the transportation of people and assets. They may or may not carry weapons for protection and may install surveillance devices, alarms and controlled access equipment on the premises to enhance overall safety and security.

Private Security Guard

The security guard duties and responsibilities may include the following:

  • Being a visible authoritarian figure capable of deterrence

  • Enforcing laws and regulations related to trespassing

  • Guarding high-traffic areas and monitoring all visitors

  • Checking the identification or passes of visitors or issuing them passes

  • Taking charge of metal detector and bag-checking security procedures

  • Preventing access to and photo in forbidden areas

  • Performing routine inspections in the areas they are guarding

  • Securing specific areas during maintenance work and emergencies

  • Monitoring activities on security camera video monitors

  • Staying alert and observant, and reporting suspicious activities

  • Recognizing potential threats and taking steps to mitigate them

  • Responding to emergencies

  • Participating in rescue operations with firefighters and police

  • Detecting criminal or dangerous and detaining possible suspects

  • Informing the police about the criminal incidents

  • Summoning the paramedics in case of assaults and injuries

  • Advising people about necessary safety precautions

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